MEANING: noun: 1. An artificial channel, stream, etc.
2. A valve or gate to control the flow of a liquid.
3. A body of water controlled by a sluice gate.
verb tr.: 1. To let out, by or as if by, opening a gate.
2. To wash, flush, cleanse, etc.
3. To send logs, gold-bearing gravel, or other material down a sluice.
verb intr.: To flow, as if from or through a sluice.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old French escluse (sluice gate), from Latin exclusa (water barrier), from excludere (to exclude), from ex- (out) + claudere (to close). Earliest documented use: noun: 1340, verb: 1593.

SQUICE - shivers that run up and down your spine at the sound of fingernails on the blackboard

ST. LUICE - big city in Missouri

SLUIC - what they speak in Slu