PRONUNCIATION: (pik-uh-dil-ee SUHR-kuhs)

MEANING: noun: A place that is very busy, crowded, or noisy.

ETYMOLOGY: After Piccadilly Circus, a busy area in London where several roads meet. The area has tourist attractions, entertainment, shopping, and large illuminated ads. A circus here means a traffic roundabout, but what about Piccadilly? It’s named after a tailor who made a fortune selling piccadill/pickadill, a lace collar popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. The American equivalent of the term is Grand Central Station (a train station in New York City), though for look and feel Times Square (also in NYC) would be closer.

PICK A DILLY CIRCUS - select a doozy

PISCADILLY CIRCUS - a compilation of tall tales and other unlikely yarns about the ones that got away

PICARD ILL; Y CIRCUS - Starship Captain is indisposed, and the club is is providing entertainmenet