MEANING: verb tr.: To cheat, dupe, trap, stymie, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: Snooker is a cue sport played on a billiards table. The origins of the name are lost to history. Snooker is also slang for a new cadet. The most popular story is that the word was used by a British army officer, Neville Chamberlain (not the future PM), commenting on a fellow officer’s sub-par performance at the pool table. In a game of snooker, the word is also used as a verb for leaving an opponent in a place such that it’s impossible to take a direct shot. This usage likely resulted in the general sense of the word. Earliest documented use: 1889

SNO-POKER - gambling game, played with cards and ice-chips

SNOODER - plays the net position in doubles tennis

NOOKER - a small recess for a display shelf, only crannier