MEANING: noun: 1. A blacksmith or a metalworker.
2. A miner.
3. A person whose leg is broken or deformed.
4. A cuckold: a man whose wife is unfaithful.
5. One who is extremely logical and shows a lack of emotions, humor, etc.
adj.: Extremely logical, unemotional, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: For noun 1-4: After Vulcan, the god of fire and metalworking in Roman mythology. Vulcan’s mother Juno wanted a beautiful child and hurled the plain-looking baby Vulcan off Mount Olympus. His leg broke when he hit the water. Vulcan may have been ugly but he married Venus. On the other hand, Venus was unfaithful to him. Earliest documented use: c. 450 CE.

For noun 5 & adj.: After Vulcans, a humanoid species from the planet Vulcan in the Star Trek TV series and movies. Vulcans are extremely logical and show little emotion. Earliest documented use: 1966.

NULCAN - this soda isn't even IN a container!

VULLAN - a member of the Jem'Hadar

VURCAN - what the Swede said he was doing on the railroad, all the livelong day