MEANING: noun: 1. The act or practice of dressing up as a character from a work of fiction, such as a comic book, video game, film, etc.
2. The act of, or an instance of, pretending to be someone in a deceptive manner.
verb tr.: 1. To dress up as a fictional character in cosplay.
2. To pretend to be someone in a deceptive manner.
verb intr.: To take part in cosplay.

ETYMOLOGY: English words costume + play were borrowed into Japanese as kosuchūmupurē in 1983. Eventually, the term became shortened to kosupure. Then it was borrowed back into English as cosplay in 1993.

GO SPLAY - spread apart, but do it somewhere else

CO-SPLAT - to land, and smush, at the same time

COT-PLAY - hanky-panky in the tent