noun: 1. A large, deep pit from which material such as slate, stone, etc. are extracted.
2. A rich source.
3. Something or someone hunted or chased.
4. A square or diamond-shaped stone, tile, glass pane, etc.
verb tr.: To dig, cut into, or extract.

ETYMOLOGY: For noun 3: From Old French cuiree, from cuir (leather or hide, on which entrails were placed as a reward to the hounds), from Latin corium (leather). Earliest documented use: 1330.

For noun 4: A variant of quarrel (a square-headed bolt or arrow, diamond-shaped tile or window-pane), from Latin quadrum (square). Earliest documented use: 1537.

For everything else: From Latin quareia/quareria, from Old French quarriere, from Latin quadraria (where stone is squared), from quadrare (to square), from quadrum (square). Earliest documented use: 1382.

SQUARRY - having four roughly equal angles and roughly equal sides

QUARTY - vernacular for a standard typewriter keyboard

HUARRY - diminutive name for the city just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas