Robert Falcon Scott
Said: "I tell you what –
I think Amundsen's reached the Pole first!"
Then he flung down his binoculars and cursed.

The brothers Grimm
Collected fairy tales that are full of vim.
But they spent more time on German philology
Than on cute folk mythology.

Barbara Cartland
Said: "In Britain's conservative heartland,
My readers yearn for something romantic,
Not modernist junk from across the Atlantic".

Sigmund Freud
Became really annoyed
When critics claimed that his theories
Paid no heed to scientific queries.

Stephen Foster
Said: "I'll sue any impostor
Who claims I wrote his song.
Such passing-off is just plain wrong".

Edward the First
Treated the Welsh worst.
He defeated their Prince,
And the monarch's eldest son has held that title ever since.