MEANING: noun: The material surrounding the main text of a book, such as covers, preface, bibliography, colophon, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek peri- (around) + text, from Latin texere (to weave). Ultimately from the Indo-European root teks- (to weave), which also gave us context, texture, tissue, tectonic, architect, technology, ]PERITEXT[/b]subtle, and subtile. Earliest documented use: 1977.

NOTES: The word is primarily used with books, but can be applied to other creative works such as films, computer games, etc.

"PERI - NEXT!" - the dentist specializing in gum-diseases must be doing a land-office business

PETIT-EXT - a small extension

P.E. WRITE-XT - old computer program for teachers to record the results of gym class