PRONUNCIATION: (MAR-uh-thon/thuhn)

MEANING: noun: 1. A footrace of 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 km).
2. Any long-distance race, for example, a swimming marathon.
3. An endurance event or contest, such as a dance marathon.
4. An event of greater than usual length, for example, a Netflix marathon.
adjective: Relating to something that requires a lot of effort and endurance.
verb tr.: To take part in a long race, task, event, etc., or one that requires long sustained effort.

ETYMOLOGY: After Marathon, a village in Greece, the site of victory over Persians in 490 BCE and from where a messenger ran to Athens to carry the news. Earliest documented use: 1896.

BARATHON - major push to study before the lawers' certification test

MARATHOU - deface a $1,0000 bill

MURATHON - covering the entire wall with art in one single session