PRONUNCIATION: (adj: in-KAHR-nuht/nit/nayt, verb: in-KAHR-nayt)

MEANING: adjective: 1. Embodied in flesh.
2. Personified.
3. Flesh-colored; blood red..
verb tr.: 1. To give bodily form to.
2. To make real; to actualize.
3. To personify.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin incarnare (to make into flesh), from Latin caro (flesh). Ultimately from the Indo-European root sker- (to cut), which also gave us skirt, curt, screw, shard, shears, carnage, carnivorous, carnation, sharp, scrape, and incarnadine. Earliest documented use: 1395. A related word is avatar.

IN BARN ATE - had lunch in the building with straw and cows and horses and stuff

"INCA" NATE - nickname for Nathan, the expert in Peruvian pre-Columbian civilization

IN-CAR NITE - once a month the fast-food joint invites its customers to eat their evening meal in the parking lot