MEANING: noun: One giving only the illusion of abundance or some benefits.

ETYMOLOGY: After Barmecide, a nobleman in the story “Barber’s Sixth Brother” from the collection One Thousand and One Nights (also known as The Arabian Nights). In the story, Barmecide pretends to host a lavish feast for a beggar. The beggar plays along, pretending to enjoy the food and wine. He then pretends to get drunk and knocks Barmecide down in the process. In the end, Barmecide is pleased with the beggar for going with the joke and offers him a real feast. Earliest documented use: 1713.

BARDECIDE - the barrista will let me know when she can't serve me any more beer

BARBECIDE - to kill a beard

KARMECIDE - when it's your fate to be murdered