MEANING: verb tr., intr.: To connect in a sequence, especially in a way such that one element latches on to the next (instead of being connected by another medium, such as a piece of thread).
noun: An interlinked sequence of things, events, people, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From allusion to a string of daisies tied together in a garland. From daisy, from Old English dæges éage (day’s eye, referring to the flower closing at night) + chain, from Old French chaine, from Latin catena. Earliest documented use: 1841.

DAISY CHAIM - the love interest in the newly-discovered series of Sholem Aleichem stories about "Li'l Avner"

DAISY CHAIR - where you sit in the room with the flower bed

DAISY CAIN - Abel's younger sister

DAISY CHAN - the unheralded wife of the famous Chinese detective, who did much of the sleuthing for him