MEANING: adjective:
1. Believing that people are motivated primarily by self-interest.
2. Behaving in a selfish manner, callously violating accepted standards.
3. Pessimistic; jaded; negative.
4. Contemptuous; mocking.

From Latin cynicus, from Greek kynikos (like a dog), from kyon (dog). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kwon- (dog), which is also the source of canine, chenille (from French chenille: caterpillar, literally, little dog), kennel, canary, hound, dachshund, corgi, and cynosure cynophilist, cynophobia, philocynic, cynegetic, and cynosure. Earliest documented use: 1588.

CYGNICAL - baby-swan-like.

BYNICAL - a housing for a ship's compass and a lamp

MY NICAL - what permits me to talk for as long as I want on the pay phone in the booth. (Well, 60 years ago, anyway. There aren't any more pay phones any more, or booths, either. Alas, poor Superman...)