MEANING: adjective:
1. Made up of parts that are very different.
2. Fanciful; imaginative; illusory.

ETYMOLOGY: After Chimera, a fire-breathing female monster in Greek mythology who had a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail. From Greek khimaira (she-goat), ultimately from the Indo-European root ghei- (winter), which also gave us chimera (literally, a female animal that is one winter, or one year old), hibernate, and the Himalayas, from Sanskrit him (snow) + alaya (abode). Earliest documented use: 1655.

CRIME RIC - what they call Ricardo, the new Head of the Family

CHIME RICE - what they put into those lovely delicate-sounding maracas

CHUM ERIC - he's my best pal