PRONUNCIATION: (uh-johr-nuh-MEN-toh)

MEANING: noun: A process of modernization or bringing up to date.

ETYMOLOGY: The word came on the radar of the English-speaking world from a speech given by Pope John XXIII in which he called for a revision of the church code. From Italian aggiornamento (updating), from aggiornare (to bring up to date), from a- (to) + giorno (day), from Latin diurnus (daily) ), from dies (day). Ultimately from the Indo-European root dyeu- (to shine) that also gave us adjourn, diary, diet, circadian, journal, journey, quotidian, sojourn, diva, divine, deify, Jupiter, Jove, jovial, July, Zeus, and Sanskrit deva (god). Earliest documented use: 1962.

ANGIORNAMENTO - an elegant treatment for fixing narrowed coronary arteries

OGGIORNAMENTO - today's outfit

AGRIORNAMENTO - decorative plants

AGGIORNAMENT - the chess match will be continued tomorrow