1. MEANING: noun: A crisp cake made by baking batter in an appliance with a gridlike pattern.

ETYMOLOGY: From Dutch wafel. Ultimately from the Indo-European root webh- (to weave; to move quickly), which also gave us weave, webster, wave, waver, wafer, wobble, and weft. Earliest documented use: 1744.

2. MEANING: American English: verb intr.: To be indecisive or evasive; to waver.
noun: Evasive speech or writing.

British English: verb intr.: To talk or write idly or foolishly.
noun: Pretentious or useless speech or writing.

ETYMOLOGY: Perhaps a frequentative of woff (to yelp), of imitative origin. Earliest documented use: 1298.

WAAFLE - a diminutive soldier of the Women's Auxilliary Air Force

WIFFLE - to curve unpredictably, due to changing aerodynamic drag

WAFFLEY - like the nose of Christopher Robin's mouse [scroll down]