MEANING: noun:
1. An elected official soon going to be out of office due to losing a re-election bid, not running again, or being ineligible to run again.
2. Something or someone weak, unsuccessful, ineffectual, disabled, helpless, etc.
3. Someone who cannot fulfill their contracts, especially one who has lost a great deal of money in stocks or other speculations.

ETYMOLOGY: The term originated in the London Stock Exchange where a stockbroker who lost a lot of money and defaulted on his debts was called a lame duck. Other animal metaphors used in the financial world are bull and bear. Earliest documented use: 1761. The term came to be applied to politics about 100 years later.

LIME DUCK - a sturdy, green, tightly woven canvas-like material, with two yarns in the warp and a single yarn in the weft

LAMA DUCK - the Dalai Donald

FLAME DUCK - Icarus Drake