MEANING: adjective:
1. Relating to financial matters.
2. Done only for monetary gain.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin quæstus (gain), from quærere (to seek, gain, or inquire). Earliest documented use: 1581.

NOTES: In Ancient Rome, a quæstor was an official dealing with financial matters. Later it was the term for a prosecutor. In the Roman Catholic Church, a quæstor was the official removing sins in exchange for money (aka granting indulgences). In modern times, in the European Parliament, qæstors are officials elected to oversee financial matters.

QUERTUARY - a place for broken typewriter keyboards

QUE STUART - Sí, but did you mean James, Charles, Mary, William, or Anne?

EQUESTUARY - where thoroughbred horses are kept; syn. for "stable" only classier