PRONUNCIATION: (adjective/noun: IN-vuh-loot; verb: in-vuh-LOOT)

MEANING: adjective: 1. Intricate; complex.
2. Curled inward.
noun: A curve traced by a point on a string while winding or unwinding it around another curve.
verb intr.: 1. To curl up.
2. To return to a former condition or to a normal state.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin involutus, past participle of involvere (to roll up), from in- (into) + volvere (to roll). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wel- (to turn or roll), which also gave us waltz, revolve, valley, walk, vault, volume, wallet, helix, devolve, voluble, welter, and willowy. Earliest documented use: 1661.

IN VOLUME - how large quantities are made

INFO-LUTE - the Town Crier was a minstrel

IN V.O. FLUTE - in a champagne glass filled with Seagram's