MEANING: noun: Someone who is crude, uncouth, or unintelligent.

ETYMOLOGY: After Piltdown, a village in Sussex, England, where a fossil skull, called the Piltdown Man, supposedly from an early human, was found. Earliest documented use: 1941. Also see neanderthal.

NOTES: In 1912, the lawyer and amateur archeologist Charles Dawson claimed to have found a fossil skull, supposedly belonging to an early human, in Piltdown, England. It was later proven to be fraud. Dawson made a career out of forgeries. Before the Piltdown Man he had presented a toad entombed in flint, a Chinese vase, a horseshoe, among dozens of other archeological finds, all fraudulent...

SPILT-DOWNER - you busted open my pillow and the feathers went all over the place

PILL DOWNER - a drug user who hasn't moved on to injectables yet

PITT DOWNER - That's be UNC (Nov 11, 2021), among others