MEANING: noun: 1. A hole or recess for a pigeon to nest or rest.
2. One of a series of small compartments for filing papers, etc.
3. A stereotypical category, not reflecting the complexities.
verb tr.: 1. To place in, or as if in, a pigeonhole.
2. To lay aside for future consideration.
3. To stereotype, to put into a preconceived, rigid category.

ETYMOLOGY: From pigeon, from Old French pijon (a young bird), from Latin pipio, from pipere/pipare (to chirp) + Old English hol. Earliest documented use: 1577.

BIG EON HOLE - a wormhole in space that lasts a very long time

PIGEON HOPE - faith that someday we'll find a passenger pigeon hiding deep in the mountains

PIG-PEON HOLE - where the medieval swineherd raises his stock