MEANING: noun: 1. A color between gray and beige.
2. A fabric or yarn that has not undergone bleaching, dyeing, or other finishing processes.
adj.: 1. Of a gray-beige color.
2. Unbleached, undyed, or unfinished.

ETYMOLOGY: For noun, adj. 1: A blend of gray + beige. Earliest documented use: 1927.
For noun, adj. 2: From French grège (raw, unfinished) influenced by gray/beige, from Italian greggio, probably from Latin gregius (plain, ordinary). Earliest documented use: 1835.

GREIG, E - Norwegian composer, known for his [i]Peer Gynt Siute[i] among many other works

GREY G.E. - Genera Electric is extraordinarily drab

GREIDE - your mark in school. (I think you flunked Spelling.)