PRONUNCIATION: (mi/muh-ZER-i-kord)

MEANING: noun:
1. Compassion, pity, or mercy.
2. Something to provide support to a standing person.
3. A place where rules are relaxed.
4. A dagger used to deliver the death stroke to a seriously wounded person.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old French misericorde, from Latin misericordia (pity or mercy), from misereri (to pity) + cor (heart). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kerd- (heart), which also gave us cardiac, cordial, courage, concord, cordate, accord, discord, record, and recreant. Earliest documented use: 1230.

MISER IS ORD - the administration at O'Hare Airport won't spend a penny on improvements

MISS R.I. - C OR D? - Is it the third or the fourth contestant who lives in Newport?

MISER I CARD - proof that I'm a first-class cheapskate