PRONUNCIATION: (WOOL-gath-uh-ring)

MEANING: noun:
1. Daydreaming.
2. Absentmindedness.

ETYMOLOGY: From wool, from Old English wull + gathering, from Old English gaderian. Earliest documented use: 1553.

NOTES: Woolgathering may be aimless wandering of the mind these days, but once it was serious work. It was pulling tufts of wool caught on bushes or fences or left on the ground by sheep. Besides today’s word, the English language has many other ovine-related terms, such as sheep’s eyes and sheeple.

WOO-LATHERING - soft-soaping your sweetie-pie so she'll agree to marry you

WOOF GATHERING - bunching together the cross-threads in woven cloth, to pinch the fabric

WOOL-BATHE RING - a community activity, akin to a quilting bee, to cleanse the sheep-shearings

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