MEANING: noun: The use of the Internet to signal support for a cause.

ETYMOLOGY: A blend of click, as in a mouse click + activism. Earliest documented use: 2006.

NOTES: Clicktivism can take many forms: signing an online petition, forwarding a message, sharing a posting, or changing the color or banner on one’s website or social media in support of a cause, and so on. Clicktivism is sometimes derided as slacktivism (slack + activism). It’s seen as putting in minimal effort and getting a sense of doing something and feeling good about it, instead of getting deeply involved with a cause. While the criticism can be justified, clicktivism is better than doing nothing and, at least, it raises awareness.

CLINKTIVISM - law enforcement relying heavily on incarceration

CLACKTIVISM - the other half of the Cartalktivism radio show featuring the Tappet Brothers

CLUCKTIVISM - saying "tut-tut" disapprovingly about everything