MEANING: adjective: 1. Rebellious; uncooperative; combative.
2. Politically radical.
noun: 1. Someone who is rebellious, uncooperative, combative, etc.
2. A politically radical person.

ETYMOLOGY: Abbreviation of Bolshevik (a person with radical views), from Russian Bolshevik, from bolshe (greater), referring to the faction of the Russian Social Democratic party that seized power in the October Revolution of 1917. Ultimately from the Indo-European root bel- (strong), which also gave us debility and Bolshoi Theatre (literally, Great Theater). Earliest documented use: 1918.

BOLSHINE - clandestinely-made Dutch liqueur

BALSHY - very self-effacing at formal dances

BONSHY - a miniature drunken plant, seen mostly in Japan