MEANING: noun: 1. Someone or something extraordinarily successful.
2. Someone or something flashy, impressive, technologically innovative, etc.
3. A firework that makes whizzing sounds and loud bangs.
adjective: 1. Highly successful or talented.
2. Flashy, impressive, fast-paced, loud, etc.

NOTES: The term has its origin in the onomatopoeic representation of the sound made by a firearm or firework. It was popularized in WWI as high-speed shells were called whizbangs. It was also the name given to a rocket launcher used by the US Army during WWII.

ETYMOLOGY. Of imitative origin. Earliest documented use: 1881.

PHIZBANG - how an exploding cigar does in your face

WHIPBANG - the crack of Indiana Jones' favorite weapon

WHIZBANE - a prodigy's downfall