MEANING: noun: An arrangement of five objects with one at each corner and one at the center.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin quincunx (five twelfths), from quinque (five) + uncia (twelfth part). Earliest documented use: 1606.

NOTES: In ancient Rome, a quincunx was a coin equivalent to five twelfths of the coin known as an “as” or “libra”. The coin’s value was sometimes represented by five dots, four in corners and one in the middle. The number five on a die is represented by five dots in a quincunx.

QUID-CUNX - the twelfth part of one Pound Sterling, i.e. one shilling eightpence

QUIDNUNX - old Roman gossips

QUID C? UNIX? - Don't you think it would have been more efficient to program it in UNIX?