MEANING: noun: Something very large.
adjective: Huge.

ETYMOLOGY: After Brobdingnag, a region where everything is enormous, in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. Earliest documented use: 1731.

NOTES: For scale, people in Brobdingnag are about 60 feet tall. In the English language the form Brobdingnagian is also used. According to Gulliver, the place should have been spelled as Brobdingrag. Also, as per the map included in the book, Brobdingnag/Brobdingrag is located off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Not sure why large mythical creatures are placed in this part of the world. Also see, Bigfoot.

BROODING NAG - not only moody but also a persistent pest

BROBDING "NAY" - a resounding negative from the village of Brobd

BOBDING NAG - At the Camptown Races, I'll bet my money on her; somebody bet on the bay