PRONUNCIATION: (SKAR-buh-ruh war-ning)

MEANING: noun: A very short notice or no notice.

ETYMOLOGY: After Scarborough, a town on the northeast coast of the UK. It’s unclear how Scarborough became associated with this idea though one conjecture is about robbers being given summary punishment. Earliest documented use: 1546.

SCARBOROUGH EARNING - the profits from selling parsley, sage and rosemary

What's that you say? What about... I'm sorry, but it's late, and we've run out of...

SEAR BOROUGH WARNING - Don't play with those matches, kids, you'll burn down half the city!

SCARBOROUGH WARMING - As I was saying...

SCARBO ROUGE WARNING - Watch out for old Scarbo, with the red beard; he's.a mean one

Peter, Paul, and Mary really put the place on the map, didn't they! :-)