PRONUNCIATION: (EK-si-jen-see, eg-ZIJ-uhn-see)

MEANING: noun: An urgent need or requirement.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin exigere (to demand, to drive out), from ex- + agere (to drive). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ag- (to drive, draw), which also gave us act, agent, agitate, litigate, synagogue, ambassador, exiguous, incogitant, intransigent, cogent, axiomatic, ambagious, ambage, agonistes, and actuate. Earliest documented use: 1588.

EX-AGENCY - used to work for the CIA

EXILENCY - 1. title of great respect; 2. expulsion

EIGENCY - property of a vector which, when operated by a non-zero square matrix, gives a scalar multiple of itself