PRONUNCIATION: (puh-LIH-juh-nee)

MEANING: noun: The practice of having two or more female partners.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek poly- (many) + -gyny (woman). Ultimately from the Indo-European root gwen- (woman), quean, banshee, zenana, gynecology, and gynophobia (the fear of women). Earliest documented use: 1780.

NOTES: A counterpart of this term is polyandry, the practice of having two or more male partners. The generic term is polygamy, having two or more partners.

POLYGON Y - twenty-fifth in a series of closed figures comprised of straight lines chained end-to-end, never crossing and with the last completing the chain by attaching to the free end of the first

POLOGYNY - the all-women's polo team

POLGY, NY - a Catskills community with mostly Polish residents