MEANING: noun: A feeling or state of elation or well-being.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek eu- (well) + pherein (to bear). Ultimately from the Indo-European root bher- (to carry, to bear children) that gave birth to words such as basket, suffer, fertile, burden, bring, bear, offer, prefer, birth, adiaphorism, delate, opprobrious, sufferance, and paraphernalia. Earliest documented use: 1684.

EUPHORBIA - Spurge, or bastard spurge, a genus of plants of many species, mostly shrubby, herbaceous succulents, yielding an acrid, milky juice. Most of them have powerful emetic and cathartic products. [Honest. YCLIU!]

EDUPHORIA - delight in acquiring knowledge

GUPHORIA (pr. "guf-FAW-ree-uh") - laughing loudly and uncontrollably