PRONUNCIATION: (HET-uh-ruh-fee-mee)

MEANING: noun: The use of a word different from the one intended.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek hetero- (different) + pheme (speaking). Ultimately from the Indo-European root bha- (to speak), which also gave us fable, fairy, fate, fame, blame, confess, and infant (literally, one unable to speak), apophasis (allusion to something by denying it will be said), confabulate, and ineffable. Earliest documented use: 1875.

HETEROPHEME - speaking in tongues

PETER O'PHEMY - the Master of Castle Phemy (compare HESTERO'PHEMY, the Mistress of Castle Phemy)

HETEROPHEME - how I know that what I smell is the blood of an Hinglishman (along with HETEROPHIME, HETEROPHOME,and HETEROPHUMM)

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