MEANING: noun: An impostor.
adjective: Counterfeit; phony.

ETYMOLOGY: After bunyip, a large mythical creature of Australian Aboriginal legend, who lives in swamps, riverbeds, etc. The word is from Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of the Aboriginal people in Victoria. Earliest documented use: 1848.

NOTES: The most popular usage of the word is in the term “bunyip aristocracy” to refer to people pretending to be socially superior. It was first used by the journalist and politician Daniel Deniehy satirizing an attempt to establish a hereditary peerage in Australia. The label “bunyip aristocracy” stuck and the proposal was dropped

BUNYIN - either a folklore logger or a painful big toe, take your pick

B. UNZIP - second line in the directions for putting on your new pants

CUNY IP - City University of New York has implemented its own Internet protocol