PRONUNCIATION: (JED-buh-ruh juhs-tis)

MEANING: noun: Punishment before trial.

ETYMOLOGY: After Jedburgh, a town in Scotland, where in the 17th century people were summarily executed. The town lies on the Jed Water river. Earliest documented use: 1698.

NOTES: Jedburgh justice, also known as Jedwood justice or Jeddart justice, is, in essence: Hang now, ask questions later. The term is coined after Jedburgh, a town near Edinburgh, where under the orders of King James VI and I, people were executed without trial. See also: lynch.

JEDI BURGH JUSTICE - performs marriages and such in Yoda's home town

JED B: URGE JUSTICE - Attention, Sheriff B: [Black Life du jour]Matters!

JEDBURGH, JUSTINE - Durrell's anti-heroine after marrying a rich magnate