PRONUNCIATION: (tok-SAH-fuh-lee)

MEANING: noun: The practice of, love of, or addiction to, archery.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek toxon (bow) + -phily (love), based on toxophilite, coined by Roger Ascham (1515-1568). Earliest documented use: 1887.

NOTES: Roger Ascham was the tutor for teen Lizzie, future Queen Elizabeth I. His book Toxophilus was the first book on archery in English. It was a treatise on archery, but it was also an argument for writing in the vernacular: in English. You could say he shot two birds with one arrow.

TOCOPHILIC - Don't you just love being in labor

BOXOPHILIC - Little kids, who seem to like the boxes better than the presents that come in them. Cats, too.

TAXOPHILIC - one who likes to put classify things into proper categories
(and you thought it was going to be about enjoying paying money to the government. Hah!)