PRONUNCIATION: (OR-dn-uhns, or-duh-NAHNS)

MEANING: noun: The systematic arrangement of parts in art, literature, architecture, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From French, from alteration of Old French ordenance (order), from Latin ordinantia, from ordinare (to put in order), from ordo (order). Earliest documented use: 1660.

NOTES: The same Old French ordenance has also given us two more cousins of today’s word. So the whole lineup is:
ordnance: military supplies
ordinance: an order, decree, law, etc.
ordonnance: a systematic arrangement
I say we go back to communicating in grunts.

OR DON NANCY - then again, maybe it's the Italian nobleman with the unusual name

ORLONNANCE - conversion to a synthetic fabric

ORDO NUANCE - the ordering is very subtle