PRONUNCIATION: (ay-simp-tuh-MAT-ik)

MEANING: adjective: Not showing any symptoms of disease.

ETYMOLOGY: From a- (not) + Latin symptoma (symptom), from Greek symptoma (occurrence), from sym- (together) + piptein (to fall). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pet- (to rush or fly), which also gave us appetite, feather, petition, compete, perpetual, propitious, appetence, lepidopterology, peripeteia, pinnate, petulant, and pteridology. Earliest documented use: 1932.

NOTES: If you’re asymptomatic you don’t show any symptoms, but it’s still possible you are infected and can transmit the infection to others. That’s why it’s important to wear a mask.

ASYMPTOMATIN - genetic material that confers freedom from disease symptoms (we wish)

ASYMPTOMAGIC - what it looks like when you have the trait above

ASYMMTOMATIC - having symptoms on only one side of your body