PRONUNCIATION: (kuh-ROB-uh-rayt)

MEANING: verb tr.: To confirm or support a claim, theory, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin corroborare (to strengthen), from com/cor- (together) + roborare (to make strong), from robur (oak, strength). Ultimately from the Indo-European root reudh- (red), which also gave us red, rouge, ruby, ruddy, rubella, robust, rambunctious, roborant, and russet. Earliest documented use: 1530.

ZORRO BORATE - while protecting the poor against injustice he also developed and marketed a treatment for yeast and other groin infecitions

CORRO BERATE - to scold the voice parts for being out of tune

CORE ROBO-RATE - basic fee for 100,000 unwanted telephone calls