PRONUNCIATION: (HET-uhr-uh-klyt)

MEANING: noun: 1. A person who is unconventional; a maverick.
2. A word that is irregularly formed.
adjective: 1. Deviating from the ordinary rule; eccentric.
2. (In grammar) Irregularly inflected.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin heteroclitus, from Greek heteroklitos, from hetero- (different) + klinein (to lean, inflect). Ultimately from the Indo-European root klei- (to lean), which also gave us decline, incline, recline, lean, client, climax, and ladder. Earliest documented use: 1580.

HETEROCLIME - Like New England weather - if you don't like it, just wait 15 minutes

HETHEROCLITE - a kind of iron ore found in Scotland mixed in among wildflowers

HETEROCULITE - having a different prescription to correct the vision in each eye