Napoleon Bonaparte
Said: "Europe is just the start.
I've defeated Austria and Prussia;
Now I'm going to invade Russia".

James Gillray
Is still famous today
For his scurrilous cartoons
Depicting George III and his ministers as buffoons.

If Chairman Mao
Were still in power now,
He'd say: "Stay home – for if you do not,
You are a bourgeois troublemaker, and will be shot".

Donald Trump
Is (as I said) a chump,
But it won't be totally unexpected
If he somehow gets re-elected.

We Brits find it merciful
That Spencer Perceval
Is the only Prime Minister assassinated to date;
Four US Presidents have met such a fate.

Clement Attlee
In 1945 said flatly:
"Winston, we all think you're great,
But it's time to make way for the welfare state".