PRONUNCIATION: (ree-kuh-NOI-tuhr, rek-uh-)

MEANING: verb tr., intr.: To explore or scout an area for gathering information.
noun: An act of reconnoitering.

ETYMOLOGY: From obsolete French reconnoître, from Latin recognoscere, from re- (again) + gnoscere (to know). Ultimately from the Indo-European root gno- (to know), which is also the source of know, recognize, acquaint, ignore, diagnosis, notice, normal, agnostic, incognito, connoisseur, cognize, anagnorisis (the moment of recognition or discovery), and prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces). Earliest documented use: for verb 1705, for noun 1781.

DECONNOITER - suppress information about an area

RE: CONN OBITER - about the writer of death notices in Hartford and vicinity

RECON OUTRÉ - investigate the bizarre