PRONUNCIATION: (oh-LIM-pee-uhn, uh-)

MEANING: adjective: 1. Lofty; surpassing others.
2. Like an Olympian god: majestic or aloof.
3. Of or relating to the Olympic Games.
4. Of or relating to Mount Olympus or gods and goddesses believed to be living there.
noun: 1. A person of great achievement or position.
2. A contestant in the Olympic Games.
3. A native or inhabitant of Olympia, Greece.
4. One of the ancient Greek gods.

ETYMOLOGY: Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, was believed to be an abode of the gods in Greek mythology. Also, Olympia, a plain in ancient Greece, was the site of the ancient Olympic Games. Earliest documented use: 1487.

POLYMPIAN - like many Military Police

ÖOLYMPIAN - the Egg Games of the Gods

0LYMPHIAN - an occasional complication of radical mastectomy

SO-LYMPIAN - champion of flaccidity