MEANING: adjective: Pretentiously artistic or sophisticated.

ETYMOLOGY: From reduplication of art, from Latin ars (art), as fart + pejorative diminutive suffix -sy. The word fart is from Old English feortan, ultimately from the Indo-European root perd- (to fart), which also gave us partridge and futz. Earliest documented use: 1962.

NOTES: In Japan, there’s a 33-foot long scroll depicting various scenes of fart competitions. In Japanese, it's called he-gassen (fart fight). Really! It's an enlarged and revised edition (the original was done by an unidentified painter in 1680) made by Fukuyama Soran in 1846.

ARTSO-FARTSY - another name for depictions of Japanese he-gassen (see notes, above)

ANTSY-FARTSY - restlessly flatulent

ARTY-PARTY - soirée in Greenwich Village NY