MEANING: noun: A mineral, otherwise known as magnesium iron silicate hydroxide.

ETYMOLOGY: Named after Cummington, Massachusetts, where it was discovered. Earliest documented use: 1824.

NOTES: Cummingtonite is named after Cummington, MA, and the town of Cummington itself is named after Colonel John Cumings who got things started in the township. If cummingtonite is not enough for you, there’s also fukalite, named after Fuka mines in the Fuka region of Japan. Then there is carnalite, named after mining engineer Rudolf von Carnall.

Not much is known about cummingtonite’s applications. An unscientific survey shows it’s commonly used in the making of T-shirts [as a leering nerdy pun - Wofa].

CUMMIN TONITE - smells like curry for dinner!

CHUMMING TONITE - that'll be good bait for fishing tomorrow

CUMM INTO NITE - newly-discovered Eugene O'Neill play

CUMMING TO NICE - Riviera, next stop!