PRONUNCIATION: (in-tuhr-DIJ-i-tayt)

MEANING: verb tr., intr.: To interlock like the fingers of two hands.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin inter- (between, together) + digitus (finger, toe). Ultimately from the Indo-European root deik- (to show, to pronounce solemnly), which also gave us judge, verdict, vendetta, revenge, indicate, dictate, paradigm, diktat, dictatress, dittohead, fatidic, hoosegow, and interdict. Earliest documented use: 1847.

NOTES: To interdigitate is to hold hands together. Also, to hold toes of two feet together. Also, hand and foot. Also, hand and paw. Or foot and paw. Think of other combinations. Show us what you come up with. Write to us at

WINTERDIGITATE - freeze one's fingers; needs mittens

INTER, DIG, IRATE - angry gravedigger describes his day tersely

ENTER DIGIT AT "E" - write in a numeral on the fifth line