PRONUNCIATION: (SAY-buhr-rat-ling)

MEANING: noun: Threatening words or action, for example, in the form of a flamboyant display of military power.

ETYMOLOGY: From saber/sabre (a heavy cavalry sword with a curved blade), from French sabre, from German dialect Sabel (now Säbel), from Hungarian szablya + rattle (to make a quick succession of sharp noises), probably ultimately of imitative origin. Earliest documented use: 1922.

SABER-TATTLING - Your's unbated and envenomed! I'm gonna tell on you!

SABRE-GATTLING - six whirling blades to cut down your opponents en masse

SAVER RATTLING - how falling interest rates affect consumers with just a little left over at the end of the month

S.A. BERRA TILING - Yogi's Mexican relatives' mosaic-making company