PRONUNCIATION: (FOI-i-ton) [the final syllable is nasal]

MEANING: noun:
1. The part of a European newspaper devoted to light literature, criticism, and the like; also something printed in this section.
2. A novel published in installments.
3. A short literary piece

ETYMOLOGY: From French, from feuillet (sheet of paper), diminutive of feuille (leaf), from Old French foille, from Latin folium (leaf). Ultimately from the Indo-European root bhel- (to thrive or bloom), which also gave us flower, bleed, bless, foliage, blossom, and blade. Earliest documented use: 1845.

FEUILLE-TONE - part of a palette of red/orange/brown autumn-leaf colors

FEW ILL ETON - only a couple of cases at the school

FE QUILL ETON - the school is known for requiring an iron pen for writing

FEU ISLET ON - power has been restored to Fire Island

FEU I'D LET ON - fire has permission to come aboard