MEANING: noun: A lecture of a moralizing or admonishing nature, usually tedious and trite.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old French omelie (homily), from Latin (homilia), from Greek homilia (assembly or sermon), from homilos (crowd), from homou (together). Ultimately from the Indo-European root sem- (one), which also gave us simultaneous, assemble, simple, Sanskrit sandhi (union), Russian samovar (a metal urn, literally, self-boiler), and Greek hamadryad (a wood nymph, who lives in a tree and dies when the tree dies), dissimulate, and simulacrum. Earliest documented use: 1386.

HOMINY - 1. a specified quantity
2. What the Boston a capella group sings in perfect

HOPILY - how the rabbit family lived ever after

HO, MILTY - greetings to my favorite comedian (and Uncle)